Penalties, Pints and Pirouettes
by Neil Troost
Director Margaret Jesson

We propose to produce this play for our June/July season this year.

Cast required are 8 men and 2 women. Cast members are not required to be good at rugby. In fact, it really wouldn’t help.

The small New Zealand town of Maungakaka has probably the worst rugby team ever. It wasn’t always that way. Now their rival team, Hillcrest, is pressing them hard to amalgamate, to create one strong team. The guys, however, are really more interested in their annual rugby trip – not for the rugby, but more for the male bonding over a ‘few’ beers and to get away for a while.
Their wives have other ideas and insist that, if the men want their trip, then they will have to take part in the local PTA fundraiser. That’s where the pirouettes come in, tutus and all. Throw in a gay male dance teacher and you have an hilariously funny New Zealand comedy, that will have audiences in stitches.

Any actors keen to audition for this play, can express their interest now, so that we can ensure that they are made aware of auditions, when they are organised.

Express your interest by contacting the director Margaret Jesson directly or 027 599 9609.

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