Directors Workshop

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Course Duration – 6 weeks commencing 14 April, Saturdays 2pm
+ direct a one act play + assessment in July.
Tutor – Lynn Bushell, MCW. BA. CATA.

Aim and purpose
The aim is to enable learners to prepare for and to conduct rehearsals as a theatre director and allow them the opportunity to apply their directorial skills, processes and techniques.director

Course Introduction
Working as a director is one of the most exciting and responsible roles in the theatre. Many directors start as actors and develop their interest in directing later on. All actors benefit from an insight into the processes necessary for successful directing and the perspective of a director working with a producti on team.

This course will cover what a director actually has to do to ensure that a show arrives successfully on a stage at the agreed time. It deals with the processes involved from the selection and evaluation of a performance text, through the planning and preparation stages (liaising with key members of the production team) to the working with actors – from the casting period, through early rehearsals, to the final technical and dress rehearsal phase, leading to the first night and the run. Work will also explore the practical limitations, or opportunities, of venue, timescale, cast size and budgeting.

Teaching and learning will be mainly grounded in practical activities, placed in a realistic context, working on texts with actors and members of a production team. Through these largely practical activities, learners should become aware of the responsibilities that fall to a director, as well as the sequence of activities necessary to fulfil them.

Assessment will be based on the ability to handle all the processes involved. While much of the evidence can be produced in practical contexts, learners will also be assessed on their production of the necessary paperwork associated with the practice of directing.

Learning outcomesdirector1
On completion of this course a learner should:
1 Be able to prepare a script for production
2 Be able to plan the necessary processes for a production
3 Be able to conduct a rehearsal process.
4 Cast and direct a one act play
Course content
1 Be able to prepare a script for production
Prepare a script: selection of an appropriate script; assessing production requirements e.g. human, financial, technical, setting; assessing production problems and opportunities; dramatic construction e.g. exposition, climax, anti-climax; character; plot; background research

2 Be able to plan the necessary processes for a production
Production processes: selecting a stage form; producing a design brief; meetings with designers e.g. set, costume, lighting, sound, props; production conferences; placing of furniture, exits etc; auditions; casting; cutting/adapting the script; constructing a rehearsal schedule; dividing the text into rehearsal sections

3 Be able to conduct a rehearsal process
Rehearsal process: handling a first rehearsal; first reading; team building; warm-ups; text-based and non-text- based activities; games; use of improvisation; character and relationship development; blocking; handling of pace and dramatic shape; developing style; giving notes; briefing designers and technicians; handling technical rehearsals and dress rehearsals; first nights.

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