Limelight Theatre Co Inc welcomes submissions from Directors for all styles of shows. At this time we put on two shows per year at the wonderfully modern Carterton Events Centre. Our past shows have included musicals, comedy, drama and we are happy to consider everything in between.

Of course it is not just about being on stage you may be interested in lighting and sound; or costume, hair and makeup; or even front of house each of these elements are what bring a show together and it is due to the passion of local thespians that we are able to bring you some remarkable theater experiences. If you wish to be involved on any level please be in touch we would love to have you. 

The audience also plays an important part in theatre. Many actors relish the direct feedback from the audience during a show – the laughs, the claps, the gasps – each of these bring an energy to the overall experience for everyone. So please do not be shy if you feel the need to laugh, then do; if you feel the need to cry, go ahead; if you wish to clap and end the show with a standing ovation, you will see the smiles light up the stage.