Ugly Customers


“Harold and Laura Stacy want justice, revenge and compensation! And they’re bloody well going to get it”.

This is the premise of Wairarapa playwright, Joe Musaphia’s comedy, Ugly Customers which Limelight Theatre is producing

New director, Rita Stirling-Vincent says, “ I have a wonderful and hugely talented cast for this show and we are really enjoying rehearsals with lots of laughter. I first saw this play at Circa a number of years ago and it’s always stuck with me as a delightful comedy of the elderly turning the tables on the young. The fact that it was written by a local author makes it even better. You’ll never go into your local bank with out a chuckle after seeing this production.”

The cast includes Margaret Jesson and Stefan van Trigt as the lead actors with a supporting cast of Mike Osborne, Solitaire Robertson, Bronwyn Steffert and Bernard Vose.